INTRODUCING: The FENTRIM F Series from SIGA Tapes Fentrim F tape for exterior flashing is the latest addition to the SIGA Tapes line. Fentrim F is a black, fleece-backed tape, offered in a variety of widths ideal for window flashing and sealing on the exterior. Fentrim F is designed to be used as a flashing […]

Pretty Good House – List

I think the idea of the Pretty Good House, or PGH is to have a general list to use as a guide while making the design and build choices that every project has to make. It is a higher bar to set for the every day builder that does not require certification. Here is a basic […]

BSDG – Pretty Good House (Part 2) – Feb. 7, 2012

Two months ago we knocked around Dan Kolbert’s idea of the “Pretty Good House”. Mike Maines, one of our BSDG regulars, posted a blog on Green Building Advisor and received many comments and additional opinions. People really liked this PGH concept. The idea that we could develop a general guide for people to work from without a formal […]