SIGA Tapes for Air Sealing

Looking for a better method to air seal your energy efficiency project? Introducing the SIGA Air and Wind-tighness System of Sealing Tapes.

Air sealing a structure to prevent heat loss has been around for quite some time. The methods of doing so vary in degree of success depending upon how carefully the job is performed as well as the methods used to test for effectiveness.

With the current industry standard method of blower door testing, the accuracy of where air leaks occur can be traced and corrected to prevent future energy loss.

So what is the best method for air sealing in new structures as well as existing structures? We think SIGA tapes, sealants and vapor control layers do a great job with this process. Offering everything you need for completely sealing the building envelope, SIGA is a Swiss company that has been producing top quality products since 1985.

New to the U.S. marketplace, SIGA’s long standing track record for quality, durability, non-toxic products and manufacturing processes have them leading the industry in Europe. With meticulous quality control and dedicated environmental protection policies, SIGA is a product you can count on as it is free from residential toxins, such as solvents, high boilers, formaldehyde, chlorine and plasticizers.

With SIGA Tapes you can achieve maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption by sealing all joint, overlaps and penetrations into a homes structure.

We are New England’s authorized dealer for SIGA products and can help you determine how to improve the effectiveness of your air sealing project. For more information stop in the store or call us today!



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