Sealing SIPs with SIGA

SIGA tapes offer air and weather barrier solutions for SIP construction.

Structural Insulated Panels or “SIPs” are a high-performance building system that serves as the structure and insulation of a building. These building envelopes are extremely robust, energy efficient and cost effective. Typically, SIPs consist of insulating foam core inside two structural OSB facings.  SIP building systems are airtight and extremely well-insulated, but the weakest points of the system are panel joints— if the joints are not properly sealed.

Wigluv 60 tape is designed to seal SIP exterior OSB sheathing seams, as well as rough openings for windows, doors and penetrations. All exterior panel seams (including roof and side walls) can be sealed with Wigluv tape. With extraordinary adhesive strength at high and low temperatures, Wigluv is rain-proof and impervious to water, with a slight perm rating to allow panels to dry properly. Wigluv’s material technology prevents condensation buildup on the tape, making it a smart choice for sealing exterior panel joints. In addition to effective sealing, Wigluv forms extremely well to OSB, and application is simple and clean.

Rissan 60 and Rissan 100 tapes are designed to securely seal interior SIP joints. Rissan tape is vapor closed and contains no VOC’s. Much like Wigluv, it bonds extremely well to OSB. Taping SIP joints with Rissan ensures a tight seal on the building interior, and helps prevent moisture from penetrating the weakest areas of the panels. Rissan also adheres easily around interior pipe penetrations, and guarantees a uniform air seal for the structure’s weakest points.

Upright Frameworks, a weatherization and SIP construction company in Maine, attests to the quality of SIGA Tape applications on SIPs: “We prefer working with SIPs for our new construction projects, and so we’re pretty confident that we know how to create tight structures. But when the specs require a specific ACH target, we don’t leave anything to chance. We use SIGA Tape on all our panel seams.”

When building performance is a top priority and failure is not an option, SIGA Tapes provide exceptional, high-performance interior and exterior air sealing in a SIP building system.

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