Ultra-Aire Dehumidifiers

  • Effective air filtration, optional fresh air ventilation and humidity control for an entire home
  • Designed to utilize existing ductwork to distribute fresh, filtered and dehumidified air throughout the house
  • Pressurizes the home with dry air when the optional fresh air ventilation feature is selected
  • Optional fresh air ventilation helps to dilute indoor pollutants and maintain high oxygen content in the air
  • Optional 95% high efficiency filtration
  • High capacity dehumidification

Product Description

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers are one of the best ways to combat the problem of humidity migrating through the roof, walls and floor because it pressurizes the building with dehumidified air. The system prevents humid outdoor air from infiltrating the structure and offers the ventilation recommended by health experts.

The Ultra-Aire has been successfully incorporated into numerous American Lung Association Health Houses to provide a high standard of indoor air quality.

Ultra-Aire XT150H

This model requires on 6.9 amps of electricity, which is roughly half the amount of most competitors. It has an environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant and an insulated cabinet for quiet operation. The XT150H is sized for 3500 square foot typical.

Ultra-Aire 90H

This model is Energy Star efficient and is able to remove up to 90 pints of water a day. MERV-11 filtration standard and MERV-14 is optional. The 90H has an insulated cabinet for quiet operation and sized for 2200 square foot home.

Ultra-Aire 65HC

The Ultra-Aire 65H is the first compact, high-efficiency, whole-house ventilating dehumidifier designed to fit in tight, low-clearance applications. The Ultra-Aire 65H removes up to 65 pints per day, is Energy-Star rated and comes standard with MERV 11 filtration. Unique accessory kits are available to make installation fast and easy.

Ultra-Aire 100V

This model is energy star efficient and has the ability to remove up to 100 pints of water a day. It also has a MERV-11 filtration and an optional MERV-14. The 100V is sized for a 2500 square foot home.


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