Santa-Fe Compact 70 Dehumidifier

  • High capacity, energy-efficient and free-standing dehumidifier
  • Designed to provide humidity control in basements and crawlspaces
  • Sized for 1,800 square foot area
  • Ability to remove up to 70 pints per day
  • Gravity drain with no buckets to empty
  • Ductable
  • Optional remote control and dehumidistat

Santa-Fe Compact 70

Basements are naturally cooler than any other part of the house, which makes them more susceptible to high humidity. This can result in rust, mildew, mold and bad odors, which can pose as a serious health risk to anyone especially people with asthma. Anything that is stored in a basement is vulnerable to the effects of high humidity. Crawlspaces are also a problem area in homes because the moisture that accumulates in these spaces then migrates to the upper levels of the house. This has a direct impact on the cupping of hardwood floors, mold growth, increased air conditioner loads and the swelling of millwork or cabinetry. The excess amount of moisture in crawlspaces has also been related to increased energy consumption.

The Santa Fe Compact 70 is designed to operate in the cooler temperatures of a basement as well as the crawl space conditions of 60˚F and 60% relative humidity. They successfully remove the odor-causing moisture and maintain the EPA recommended relative humidity levels of 45 to 50%. Sized for an area of 1,800 square feet, the Santa Fe Compact is able to successfully remove 70 pints of moisture per day.

The unique accessory kit for this dehumidifier makes installation fast and easy.

Performance and Technical Specs:

Power: 580 watts @ 80°F and 60% RH

Supply Voltage: 115 volt- 1 phase- 60 Hz

Current Draw: 5.1 amps

Operating Temp: 49°F min., 95°F max

Sized for: 1800 sq. ft.

Efficiency: 5.0 Pints/kWh

Energy Factor: 2.4 L/kWh

Air Filter: MERV-8


Width: 12”

Height: 12”

Length: 21”

Weight: 55 lbs

Santa-Fe Homeowner Brochure

Compact 70 Sell Sheet

Compact 70 Data Sheet

Condensate Pump Kit Manual

Small Hang Kit Manual


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