Rais Viva L 100 Classic

Among the newest additions to the Rais collection, the Viva L 100 Classic wood burning stove embodies the elegance and beauty that Rais is known for. This, in combination with the stove’s efficiency, and optional glass side panels for panoramic viewing, make this stove a work of art.

Viva L 100 Classic

The circular Viva L 100 is a true proponent of the elegant and minimalist: it is simple, smooth and beautiful. A pane of massive proportions and a large combustion chamber bring even more pleasure from the fire – and are also super easy to install.  Achieves high standard of testings for a non-cataylitic wood burning stove with 1.1 emissions.

The new, redesigned “cabinet-style” handle is given a discrete placement at a convenient height.

The stove comes standard with steel door.

Easy to use and silent with it’s rubber plated air control handle.

A host of options to choose among: colors (black, platinum, nickel), side glass, top plates (stainless-steel, deep, soapstone) 360 degree swivel base.

Wooden black handle comes standard. U.S. standard approved handle options include: (Stainless Steel, Leather)



BTu output: 27 kBTU

Heat range (min-max): 12-27 kBTU

Heating capacity (25-68 degrees F) 1000+ sq. ft

Emissions: 1.1 g/hr

Efficiency: 78%


Stove Exterior: 18.5″ – 18.5″ – 39.3″

Firebox Interior: 13.5″ – 11.5″ – 17.5″

Log Length: 13″

Pipe Diameter: 6 ”

Viva Manual

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