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RAIS Rondo

Rais Rondo offers incredible combustion performance, with an extra large firebox. Designed with a clean-cut cubist appearance, unique glass door and available with a rotating base as an optional extra.

All RAIS stoves are convection stoves, which means that the sides of the stove never get too hot. Convection works by pulling cold air into the system at the base of the stove and up through the convection duct that is located along the combustion chamber of the stove.

The heated air is released from the top of the stove, creating rapid air circulation in the room. RAIS stoves are equipped with air-cooled handles, a RAIS specialty, which means that the handle of the stove can be handled without a glove, no matter how hot the stove is. Please note that one must always be very careful when touching any other part of the stove while it is still hot.


Product Description

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Measurement (W-D-H)

Stove outer measurements – 40 9/16 ”

Diameter – Ø 19 5/16 ”

Firebox, interior measurements – 13 1/4 – 11 13/32 – 13 19/32 ”

Flue exit (diameter) – Ø 5 29/32 ”

Distance from centre of top plate to back edge of top plate – 10 1/16 ”

Distance from floor to centre of air-supply system connection – 4 3/4 ”

Distance from floor to centre of top exit – 39 1/16 ”

Distance from floor to centre of rear exit – 35 1/8 ”


Nominel output – 17 kBTU

Min-max output – 10-24 kBTU

Area heated (at -4°F (-20°C)) – 60-1130 sq. ft

Efficiency – 80%

Particles – 3,3g/kg


Distance from center of top exit to the back edge of the top plate. – 10 1/16 ”

Top vent height – floor to exit in top plate (firebox) – 40 19/32 ”

Rear vent height floor to center of rear exit (firebox) – 36 21/32 ”


Weight – 304 lbs


Option Standard

Steel side – X

Steel top plate – X

Soapstone top plate X –

Baking compartment – X

Soapstone plate for baking compartment X –

Glass door – X

Flue exit: top and rear exit – X

Air-cooled handle – X

Air-System – X



[learn_more caption=”Architect Info”]


We have uploaded CAD drawings for professional use by architects and other building professionals.

To be able to use our CAD drawings, you must have AutoCAD version 2000 or version 14 or similar software installed on your computer. If you have an earlier version of AutoCAD or are for any other reason unable to open the drawings please contact us. We will try our best to send you the drawings in a format that is compatible with your computer.

Autocad Example – GIF

Autocad File – .dxf (2605KB)



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User Manual – PDF




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