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RAIS Rondo

The RAIS Rondo is a modern woodstove with a unique rounded design. The stove offers a 360 turntable add-on option for better viewing of the fire, and utilization in the middle of a room if desired. With updated contemporary combustion technique and high-quality materials, the RAIS Rondo is a design marvel, a modern classic.


Product Description

The Rondo come standard with a soapstone baking plate and can be upgraded with a soapstone top plate. Because of its cylindrical design, the Rondo can be used on an optional turntable for a more versatile viewing area.



BTu output: 23 kBTU

Heat range (min-max): 12-23 kBTU

Heating capacity (25-68 degrees F) 1180 sq. ft

Emissions: 4.3 g/hr

Efficiency: 80%


Stove Exterior: 19.3″ – 19.3″ – 40.6″

Firebox Interior: 13.2″ – 11.2″ – 40.2″

Log Length: 13″

Pipe Diameter: 6 “


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