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The Rais Pina features award-winning design. Simple and round – perfect as a room divider. Can be installed on a plinth that can rotate 360 degrees for optimal usage in open spaces.


All RAIS stoves are convection stoves, which means that the sides
of the stove never get too hot. Convection works by pulling cold air into the system at the base of the stove and up through the convec- tion duct that is located along the combustion chamber of the stove. The heated air is released from the top of the stove, creating rapid air circulation in the room.

RAIS stoves are equipped with air-cooled handles, a RAIS specialty, which means that the handle of the stove can be handled without a glove, no matter how hot the stove is. Please note that one must al- ways be very careful when touching any other part of the stove while it is still hot.



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