• Efficiency
  • Silence
  • Peace of mind
  • Energy savings
  • Safety, including splash resistance & time-controlled fans
  • The comfort of even heat
  • Programmable
  • Digital screen with controls

Each unit comes with a two year warranty against defects, and a five year warranty on the heating elements.

Made In France

Product Description

The Apero model is available in a 120V (500 to 1250 watts) and a 240V model (500 to 2000 watts)

Hot air rises to the ceiling, while cool air remains at floor level. Convectair convection heating units use this phenomenon to turn a problem into a solution.

The Convectair heating unit naturally draws in the cool air along the floor and then reheats it, using a highly efficient patented heating element. The heated air rises in the unit and is gently diffused through the grilles at the top.

The intake of cool air from the bottom of the unit and the output of warm air from the top is known as the “chimney effect.” This natural acceleration pushes the hot air to the front of the unit rather than towards the wall, and helps the heat to spread evenly throughout the entire room. Hot and cool air mix more rapidly and efficiently. You feel more comfortable, since the degree of warmth that you’ve selected is the same throughout the entire room. With Convectair, cold feet are a thing of the past! But that’s not all: convection reduces heating costs, since the heat produced is distributed more efficiently and evenly. And since a natural convection Convectair unit doesn’t require a motor or fan, it operates in total silence.

Convectair natural convection heaters do not dry out the air in a room. Since they operate without a fan and the element never heats to red-hot, any particles that are naturally suspended in the air do not burn. As a result, the humidity rate remains balanced and the air remains healthy.

Apero Tech Sheet

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