Aluprof Aluminum Windows & Doors

Aluprof is one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminum window products in Europe. They have 60 years of window manufacturing experience and are an ever expanding company with many state of the art facilities and production technologies.

Aluprof Aluminum Windows Systems

Aluprof Aluminum windows and doors are a high performance and fully integrated window and door system. Due to the specially designed polyamide breaks and extruded gaskets that are incorporated into the aluminum profile, it offers excellent thermal insulation performance and exceptional noise reduction properties

The Aluprof MB-86 window and door series have been designed to offer outstanding
insulation properties. Offered in three varieties ST, SI and AERO it is the first aluminum
system to employ silica aerogel. The nano-porous material has a very high proportion
of free void volume compared to conventional solid materials. Its high pore volume,
low solid content, and torturous path amorphous structure give rise to low values
of thermal conductivity. Therefore the system features the industry leading thermal
performance. In addition it also features exceptional rate of profiles inertia that
allows for greater construction in size and weight.

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