Need To Finish A Project?

Summer is a time for barbeques, family trips to the beach and bigger-than-your-face ice cream cones, but it is also a time for people to start tackling that long list of home-improvement projects. Maine Green Building has been abuzz with customers looking for environmentally friendly products to freshen up their living spaces, and we happily direct them towards our Seal-Once and Vermont Natural Coatings finishes.

Seal-Once offers waterproofers that are primarily for outdoor and exterior uses.  These waterproofers provide incredible protection against the harsh elements of water, mold, mildew and UV light by penetrating deep into the surface of the material to ensure long-lasting effects. The waterproofer is water-based, non-flammable and does not contain VOCs, toxins or irritants of any kind. In addition, Seal-Once offers a large variety of tints users can add to the waterproofer to produce desired decorative effects. Recent MGBS customers even used the waterproofer combined with a dark grey tint to cover the exterior of their pine-clad house! The result was quite impressive. It gave the wood a beautiful color, and with the added advantage of the waterproof protection, the project was a success.

Seal-Once also supplies cleaners by New Image Coatings to prep pre-stain surfaces by waterproofing or sealing without the use of any harsh chemicals.

If you are pursuing an indoor project, Vermont Natural Coatings products are the way to go. We have seen these finishes used in a variety of applications ranging from residential home projects to elaborate furniture installations. Vermont Natural Coatings uses PolyWhey technology to produce finishes that perform at the same level as oil-based finishes, but without polyurethane or other toxic chemicals. MGBS staffer Jason Peacock notes, “Polyurethane is the most toxic thing you can put in your house,” and so Vermont Natural Coatings a wise and popular choice for your wood finish project needs.

Horizon Residential Energy Services, an energy auditing company located next to our shop in Portland, Maine has nearly completed their office renovation, and proudly used Vermont Natural Coatings wood finish throughout their recycled-wood office space.  David Milliken, owner of Horizon exclaims, “Vermont Natural Coatings looks great, is easy to work with and we never even had to leave the office when we were applying [the finishes].”

Whether you are currently working on a project, have one in mind or simply want to learn more, come visit or call us at Maine Green Building. We are HUGE fans of these non-toxic and eco-friendly products, and would love to share them with our community!



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