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By popular request, we have added cabinetry!  In partnership with balance design studio (BDS) we offer cabinetry, countertops, and design services for any room in your home.  What makes BDS a great fit for us is that they understand what you want: to love your space, to utilize products that align with your values, and to stay on budget.

BDS knows these needs first hand.  They’ve been in your shoes.  They know that our purchasing decisions reverberate throughout our community and across our planet.  And they understand the practical realities of getting the job done on time and on budget.

Thus the name balance design studio – a balance of form and function, of time and money, of dreams and realities, of ideals and practicalities.  Helping people find their personal place of balance is what they do best.

Call to learn more about how we can help you: 207-272-4025

Check out the balance design studio website.

About Balance Design Studio & Catherine Weiland

Catherine Weiland | Photo: Jeff Roberts Imaging

I spent over a decade in a cubicle doing consulting, marketing, and business analysis. Convinced that my future was in the business world, I completed my MBA with honors from Boston University. Yet, when the opportunity presented itself to give up cubicle life to renovate houses…I jumped. I’ve been designing ever since.

My background taught me that…

Creativity and technical knowledge are just the  price of entry.

Quality relationships  are what separate great sketches from great spaces.

Having fun doesn’t hurt either.

Respect, trust, and personal responsibility build quality relationships.

And supporting others is essential to supporting  ourselves.

Remodeling and Home DesignRemodeling and Home DesignRemodeling and Home Design


We offer cabinets and counters that address a variety of needs in addition to price and quality:

  • Want healthy, no VOC, no added formaldehyde cabinets that don’t offgas harmful chemicals?
  • Are you interested in sustainable cabinets made with environmentally-responsible materials?
  • Is buying local important?
  • Looking for materials containing a high recycled content?
  • Do you care about the environment, your community, or your health and want budget-friendly options?
  • How about finishes that are as durable as they are beautiful?

We’ve got great options that fit most budgets, styles, and values.

Our cabinetry:  Executive CabinetsPurekitchen, Woodland Cabinetry

Our semi- and full-custom cabinetry is ¾” domestic, no-added formaldehyde (NAF) plywood.

Waterborne finishes contain zero formaldehyde, zero hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), and zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

It is the only all-wood cabinet that is Greenguard gold certified.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified chain-of-custody materials are available.

All cabinetry components are made in the USA

Executive cabinetry costs no more than other equivalent cabinets.  You get all the benefits without added cost.  The original founder of Executive Cabinets believed that healthy products made responsibly was the future.  As such, he invested in developing the capabilities to deliver just such a product ahead of market demand.  As an early adopter, Executive has bought, perfected, and paid for technological capabilities that other cabinet manufacturers are just now starting to consider.  This enables us to offer just the cabinets you’ve been looking for at no added cost.

Hundreds of paint finishes available at standard prices.

Close to 100 door and drawer styles with the ability to make any custom style you like.

Industry standard lead times of 5-7 weeks.

Learn more about Executive Cabinetry here.

Our counters

We offer a variety of countertop surfaces – from recycled wood and locally-made, recycled glass and concrete options to a full-spectrum of granite and quartz.  Like our cabinets, our countertop offerings are surprisingly affordable.

Our approach

We have great products.  We have great prices.  We have great service.  What makes this combination really great is that we aren’t preachy about it.  Each of us has our own beliefs, tastes, and budget.  We want you to have the space you really want with the right blend of what’s important to you.

Want to learn more?  Call us, we’d like to learn more about you too.  207.272.4025.

In The Words of Others…

“Catherine is only describable as amazing. After countless consultations with other kitchen designers we were bummed.  All the designers said the same things: You can’t have an island, you should get white cabinets …, you can’t have seating in your kitchen. Catherine debunked all of those statements, pushed me to try new things, and made me fall in love with my house. ”  — Ruthie S., client

Catherine designed our new kitchen along with renovations to our living room and powder room. Catherine not only did an outstanding job she was a pleasure to work with. I have been in the construction business for 30 years and live with not only scheduling and budgets every day but quality as well. Catherine exceeded all expectations. I would highly recommend her. “ – Jonathan R,client & construction industry executive

“Her personal outstanding charm and quick and easy humor made what could have been (as any design project may become) a needlessly complex and potentially tiresome process a delight and we now have a great new kitchen of which we are quite proud and a new friend and colleague.”  — Roger R, client & professor of architecture

“She started asking me questions that no other kitchen design place even thought to ask me.  She was so easy going, on target, and professional that I didn’t have any hesitation working with her with the distance between us. There isn’t one thing about my kitchen I would have done differently. Catherine is truly a gem.”  — Joanna B, client (Washington DC)

“Catherine is a very informative and creative kitchen designer whom I have worked with on multiple kitchen projects. Her designs are well executed and the results are excellent. Catherine is available and listens to the client’s needs. I would highly recommend her…” – Leandra Fremont-Smith & interior designer

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