Why the glass looks greener…

When choosing glass for a building project, the primary factors to be concerned with are visual transmittance, the solar heat gain coefficient, and the U-value. There is a good deal of discussion on U-values, as this pertains to the insulative properties of the window.  Closing the information gap on solar heat gain, and visual transmittance, […]

Sealing SIPs with SIGA

SIGA tapes offer air and weather barrier solutions for SIP construction. Structural Insulated Panels or “SIPs” are a high-performance building system that serves as the structure and insulation of a building. These building envelopes are extremely robust, energy efficient and cost effective. Typically, SIPs consist of insulating foam core inside two structural OSB facings.  SIP building […]

There’s No Crying in Construction

Building a house might be an amazing challenge, but it is not for everyone. Through the long and intense design and construction process, building a house can be extremely time consuming, requiring a lot of attention to detail and thousands of decisions along the way. For years, folks who are planning to build new homes […]

Need To Finish A Project?

Summer is a time for barbeques, family trips to the beach and bigger-than-your-face ice cream cones, but it is also a time for people to start tackling that long list of home-improvement projects. Maine Green Building has been abuzz with customers looking for environmentally friendly products to freshen up their living spaces, and we happily […]

The Boothbay Pilot Project is Making Waves

Boothbay Harbor is always humming with energy at the start of any summer, but this year there is a different reason for some of the increased activity: the Boothbay Pilot Project. The Boothbay Region electric grid serviced by Central Maine Power (CMP) is located on a peninsula and is connected to the main power supply […]

AIA Credited Training: Boral TrueExterior Trim

Architects and contractors from the greater Portland area came to MGBS for an AIA credited training session last week featuring Addie Atkins, the New England Sales Manager for Boral TruExterior Trim. Addie introduced various products that are currently on the market for exterior trim, which included wood, wood-composite, PVC and fiber-cement. She gave a thorough […]

AIA Credited Training with Maine Green Performance Building Supply

Jason and Steve headed over to Canal 5 Studio yesterday to conduct an AIA (American Institute of Architects) credited training session on Thermal Bridge-Free Building Envelopes. “Thermal bridging”, a result of poor insulating materials and structural connections, is the process of heat transfer and heat loss between the interior and exterior of a building. This process […]