BSDG – Pretty Good House (Part 2) – Feb. 7, 2012

Two months ago we knocked around Dan Kolbert’s idea of the “Pretty Good House”. Mike Maines, one of our BSDG regulars, posted a blog on Green Building Advisor and received many comments and additional opinions. People really liked this PGH concept. The idea that we could develop a general guide for people to work from without a formal system (with associated costs) was appealing to many.

Most builders are not reaching for the high goals of Passiv Haus or LEED. Most builders need a basic guide to make solid incremental improvements and informed trade-offs to what they build. Attainable building science for the everyday project.

Based on responses to Mike’s blog there are many views on how the choices should be made. Our group, based in Maine, looked at things based on our climate. Many comments were from other regions that have very different needs. It would be great to have regional lists developed so please comment including where you are located.

We have decided to start a separate blog section for the Pretty Good House. I encourage you to write your list and post it as a comment in that section.

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