Why the glass looks greener…

When choosing glass for a building project, the primary factors to be concerned with are visual transmittance, the solar heat gain coefficient, and the U-value. There is a good deal of discussion on U-values, as this pertains to the insulative properties of the window.  Closing the information gap on solar heat gain, and visual transmittance, […]


INTRODUCING: The FENTRIM F Series from SIGA Tapes Fentrim F tape for exterior flashing is the latest addition to the SIGA Tapes line. Fentrim F is a black, fleece-backed tape, offered in a variety of widths ideal for window flashing and sealing on the exterior. Fentrim F is designed to be used as a flashing […]

Sealing SIPs with SIGA

SIGA tapes offer air and weather barrier solutions for SIP construction. Structural Insulated Panels or “SIPs” are a high-performance building system that serves as the structure and insulation of a building. These building envelopes are extremely robust, energy efficient and cost effective. Typically, SIPs consist of insulating foam core inside two structural OSB facings.  SIP building […]

There’s No Crying in Construction

Building a house might be an amazing challenge, but it is not for everyone. Through the long and intense design and construction process, building a house can be extremely time consuming, requiring a lot of attention to detail and thousands of decisions along the way. For years, folks who are planning to build new homes […]