AIA Credited Training with Maine Green Performance Building Supply

Jason Peacock (left) and James Gauthier

Jason and Steve headed over to Canal 5 Studio yesterday to conduct an AIA (American Institute of Architects) credited training session on Thermal Bridge-Free Building Envelopes.

“Thermal bridging”, a result of poor insulating materials and structural connections, is the process of heat transfer and heat loss between the interior and exterior of a building. This process leads to negative impacts on the comfort, longevity and efficiency of a building, which may adversely affect the health of occupants. However, using the right materials and building methods ensures the building envelope remains intact and effectively seals the house.

As a solution to thermal bridging heat loss, Jason discussed the installation of triple pane Intus Windows, which are high performance, quality European windows. Traditional double-pane windows have a relatively small thermal resistance, and as a result, windows are historically a contributing factor in energy loss of a building.

Intus Windows are designed with three panes of glass separated by argon or krypton. This technology provides extremely effective insulation, helping to keep heat inside the home. Intus Windows insulation technology reduces the build up of condensation, significantly decreasing mold growth and thus increasing the air quality within the building.  The windows boast tilt and turn hardware built into the frame, making them easy and functional to use while increasing the life expectancy of the window itself.


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