AIA Credited Training: Boral TrueExterior Trim

Architects and contractors from the greater Portland area came to MGBS for an AIA credited training session last week featuring Addie Atkins, the New England Sales Manager for Boral TruExterior Trim. Addie introduced various products that are currently on the market for exterior trim, which included wood, wood-composite, PVC and fiber-cement. She gave a thorough overview of each product, highlighting the pros and cons of each material and concluded her presentation with Boral’s alternative exterior trim.

photo-5TrueExterior Trim is a Poly-ash structure that is created by combing a bio-based polymer and fly ash, which is a by-product of coal-fired power plants. This unique mixture inhibits moisture from absorbing into the TrueExterior board, thus increasing the products longevity and allowing it to be ground safe. TrueExterior Trim is comprised of roughly 70% recycled or rapidly renewable materials and is the first exterior trim to be Cradle to Cradle certified, which factors in the entire life cycle of a product.

This product has a similar weight as wood and is manufactured with an authentic wood grain on one side and smooth on the other. It is relatively resistant to rotting, cracking, splitting and moisture. TrueExterior Trim offers great workability; it doesn’t need to be pre-drilled and can be screwed or nailed close to the board’s edge. This product should not be used for structural or load-bearing applications and carbide tipped blades and bits are highly recommended for a longer tool life.

Addie shared an anecdote about a project they had in Long Island, NY. The contractor used PVC trim for the house, but choose to use TruExterior Trim for the pool house. Upon returning to the site after a long winter, the PVC trim had pulled away from the house in certain spots, but the Boral trim remained tightly in place.

Boral’s TrueExterior Trim is a very large step in the right direction for exterior trims and hopefully will help the market move towards a more sustainable and long-lasting future.

TrueExterior Trim can be purchased at MGBS- come in to learn more and get a sample. Stay in touch for information about upcoming events!

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