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What if we could help contractors and homeowners improve the way they build and restore their homes? What if we could create a green building resource that gives them responsible, environmentally friendly options and useful education about great, sustainable, high performance building products and solutions?

Performance Building Supply was founded in 2002 to provide this service.

OUr Team

Steve is the founder of Performance Building Supply. PBS opened in 2002 with the mission of helping builders build better by sourcing superior products and technical information to supply to construction professionals. PBS is focused primarily on high-performance European Windows & Doors, air-sealing / weather barrier tapes & membranes, and cabinetry as well as many other products from Europe and the US. 
PBS is the official e-commerce partner for SIGA tapes & membranes in the US and operates the sigatapes.com website.
Steve’s mission is also to provide technical expertise and support for all the products they sell. He provides both design support and on-site installation training. He enjoys teaching building science principles and reviewing construction details.
Steve, along with Dan Kolbert, started the original Building Science Discussion Group in the PBS warehouse in the spring of 2009.

Catherine Weiland is our design partner and the Principal of balance design studio.  Through Catherine, we offer interior design services  including kitchen and bath design.  Catherine’s green journey began with having children.  “Eating for two caused me to pay more attention to what was in my food which led to paying  more attention to what was in a lot of things.  That cascaded into a broader exploration of health, sustainability,  and social  responsibility to help define what I wanted to model for my kids.”

Catherine and her husband renovated distressed properties  while raising their young family.  After their children entered school, Catherine decided not to return to her previous corporate career and instead chose to do what she really loved – making people’s worlds more beautiful.  In her words, “Like me, the folks who seek out Performance Building Supply are on a journey.  The word ‘green’ may conjure up different things, but each person is trying to live in a way that aligns with their values.  As their awareness of that grows, their journey evolves.  My job is to deliver the right blend of form, function, splurge, restraint, ideals, and practicalities that meets them where they are and supports them where they are going.  If I do this well, they feel as good about themselves as they do their space.  And that…is beautiful.“ Check out balance design studio’s Facebook page for Catherine’s insightful  views on design.  Her work has been featured on Houzz, on Designer Home Tours, and in  Maine Home + Design.

Catherine has her MBA with honors  from Boston University and when not designing  she enjoys family walks, reading, and volunteering.

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