PAW solar pump station flowcon C
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PAW Solar Pump Stations

The PAW quality management provides:

  • Control over the receipt and dispatch of goods using coordinate measuring equipment
  • 100% leak-check test of all components
  • Serial numbers on almost all zone modules, solar stations, distribution manifolds, pumps & controller units
  • Energy labels, to improve the comparability of energy consumption of the various pumps
  • Continuous and comprehensive error & cause analysis

Features of every unit:

  • All water-carrying parts are made of brass.
  • All sealing components are high temperature resistant up to 266 deg F/130 deg C.
  • Flowmeters are adjustable to set the correct flow rate. Quality bora silicate glass.
  • Check valves are integrated in every line in the solar loop.
  • Air scoops in the supply line help to deairate your system easily.
  • All pumps are UL-certified and equipped with 3-speed motors.

Product Description

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More than 40 years ago, PAW led the industry in the development and supplement of top quality heating and solar thermal valves. Still a leader in valve production, PAW now also specializes in a line of highly productive and faultless products, offering smart and flexible solutions through the design of efficient & aesthetic modular heating & solar thermal systems.

PAW solar pump stations allow for ease of installation, filling, and precise flow control. The pump station allows for connection to the solar collector and to the storage tank within a solar hot water heating system.

Manufactured in Germany.


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