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Product Description

More than one third of the warm air in a building escapes through leaking areas in the building envelope. Consequently, an air and wind tight layer is the most reliable protection against energy and heating cost losses.  SIGA is a frontrunner in the development and production of innovative products dedicated to creating an air and wind tight building envelope.

SIGA products stop air leaks in buildings that not only cause energy losses but also can lead to massive mold damage. A building envelope built with SIGA will lock out odors, noise and summer heat while ensuring the longevity of your building.

Produced in Switzerland, SIGA is dedicated to research and development of their products in an effort to stay one step ahead and offer the best in the industry.

SIGA is very conscious about the ingredients that go into their products. The high-performance tapes and compounds are free from solvents, high boilers, resigns, chlorine, plasticizers and formaldehyde (VOC).

SIGA is also dedicated to environmental consciousness in their company. Systems for heat recovery, wastewater treatment and utilization of rainwater are a large part of SIGA’s production process.


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