SIGA Air and Windtightness System

SIGA air and windtightness system are new to the US market but has been in use in Europe since 1985.  With the SIGA system you can save a lot of energy after building or renovation of a house. Thanks to a thoroughly sealed air and windtight building envelope heat stays where it belongs – in the house. This will considerably reduce your heating costs, unlike a building envelope with sealing gaps.


Product Description

Since 1985 all SIGA high-performance adhesive tapes and compounds have been free from solvents, high boilers, resins, chlorine, plasticizers and formaldehyde (VOC). SIGA sets a high value on environmental consciousness: Systems for heat recovery, waste water treatment and utilisation of rain water are integrated in the production process. Their production building in Ruswil, Switzerland which was completed in 2000 consists of untreated wood. In addition, they invested in a biogas power plant and installation of a solar power system are planned for the future.

Siga offers a great mix of membranes and sealing tapes for a variety of building assemblies. These products work great and are fast becoming a favorite of builders in the US. Tighten up the building envelope and save energy!

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