SanCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater

The SanCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater features high efficiency, reliability and safety, and allows for low-temperature installation, delivering hot water to the home at the turn of a faucet.


This item is only available for purchase by professionals and certified installers.

The CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater

The Sanden CO2 water heater uses heat pump technology to produce hot water in the most efficient way possible. Instead of using synthetic refrigerants, which have a negative impact on global warming, the SanCO2 system uses CO2 as a refrigerant to absorb heat from the ambient, outside air, to heat the water. The CO2 heat pump system has a higher first hour rating and recovery than any heat pump water heater, it can produce 149°(F) water in ambient temperatures down to -15°(F) without need for an electric heating element in the tank.

The heat pump and tank are separate, with the heat pump outside of the house; there is no opportunity for the unit to draw heat from an interior space, which would cause heat loss. This system in not only designed to save energy and money, but also to out-perform any water heating system on the market. The SanCO2 is designed for simple, easy installation; so any plumber can install it.

Find the Sanden warranty policy under the resources tab.

SanCO2 Specification Sheet

Energy Guide Label 43 Gallon

Energy Guide Label 83 Gallon

Sanden Installation Manual

Warrany Policy


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