Regency Wood Stoves

With Regency you can add a classically styled wood stove in small, medium or large sizes that will heat your favorite living spaces with renewable, clean burning and efficient heat. Save money on your heating bill…and get back to basics with a beautiful Regency wood stove. There is nothing like a wood fire.

All Regency wood stoves qualify for the US Biomass tax credit and are EPA certified


Product Description

regency logoRegency products are proudly made locally in North America. They use only the finest materials in their manufacturing facilities; taking pride in building a reliable, quality product. Their state of the art facility spans over 240,000 square feet and is constantly being upgraded with the latest tools of the trade. Their commitment to quality is practiced at every step of the process, including a final inspection before anything is approved for shipment.

All Regency wood products are clean burning and EPA certified to meet the strictest of air quality standards.  Burning wood is carbon neutral.  As trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, when they die and are left to decompose in the forest or burn in forest fires, the carbon stored in the trees is released back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.  Burning firewood produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as it has absorbed during its life cycle.   All of their wood products have been designed with a two stage burn system that is so complete that it just leaves a little white ash at the bottom.  This burn system means virtually no smoke is produced and as little as 4 grams per hour of smoke particles go up the chimney versus 150-200 grams of smoke per hour in an open masonry fireplace. Open masonry fireplaces and vent free units produce excess smoke that compromises the air quality of your home and local environment.  Regency builds highly efficient direct vent gas fireplace products that do not diminish surrounding air quality or produce wasted heat.  The high efficiency of these units eliminates the waste caused by open and vent free units.  Regency’s airtight fireboxes vent cleanly, without affecting indoor air and heat the rooms you spend the most time in.

Regency’s manufacturing process eliminates any waste, not only do they eliminate the physical waste but they avoid any unnecessary processes as well. This cuts down on energy consumption and pollution.


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