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The idea for the first RAIS woodburning stove arose in the 1970′s when the oil crisis took a serious grip on Denmark. Out of the crisis came “The Original”, which for its day was an entirely new, ground-breaking design. Fast forward to today and RAIS is still breaking ground. Award winning design, highly efficient fire boxes which have EPA approval for Partical Emmisions (PAH).


  • Hollow handle stays cool
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Standard installation
  • Air-Wash system keeps the glass pane clean by pulling pre-heated air on the inside of the glass [certain models only]
  • Soapstone holds heat for 4-6 hours (Soapstone is a standard feature on some stoves and is optional on others)
  • Uses a series of baffle plates to channel air flow inside the firebox to complete combustion and minimal particulate emissions.

Product Description


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Open fire place for the living room – call it a fireplace, wood-burning stove or heat source… Functionality, design and user-friendliness are keywords for all RAIS stoves.

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Fireplace inserts or various models of built-in stoves in high or wide format – also corner stoves, through-going stoves or tunnel stoves which can be fitted according to design and requirements.

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Barbecue for the garden – for comfort and cooking

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Fireplace set, convection grate, firewood racks, heat storage modules – Finnish fieldstones. RAIS offers a wide variety of accessories.

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We offer you this stove because, quite simply, it’s the best stove you can buy. Here’s why.

Much like the Northeast, Denmark has beautiful summers. And, much like the Northeast, Denmark has long, dark, gloomy winters. To compensate, Danes strive to create a feeling at home called hygge, which, roughly translated, means coziness. Candles, warm colors, and good friends all contribute to the experience of hygge (pronounced HOOG-uh.) But nothing brings the authentic experience of hygge to your home like a RAIS stove.

RAIS woodstove

RAIS stoves can lower your heating costs, too. With the cost of oil these days, wood can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. RAIS wood stoves are particularly appropriate for our region because they make extremely efficient use of a locally available, readily renewable resource. While other stoves may look similar, only RAIS stoves feature such thoughtful details like the intelligent stay cool handle. Air for combustion is drawn into the curving, hollow handle, keeping it cool and comfortable to the touch even with a big fire. RAIS stoves are efficient, and clean, too – the baffle burning system works without a catalytic converter – and cleaner burning results in less ash to clean out of the stove. In fact, these stoves are so easy to light that you’ll find yourself enjoying a cozy – or hygge – fire throughout the winter.


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