uPVC Windows

  • The triple paned glass and frame constructed from unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride provides excellent insulation and energy savings.
  • Superior weather and water resistance.
  • Excellent sound proofing.
  • Corrosion and UV resistant.
  • Manufactured with recyclable materials.
  • The U-PVC windows are suitable for replacement applications or in new construction.
  • We offer four style options for the U-PVC windows: Tilt and Turn, Fixed, Tilt only (also known as Hopper) and Turn only.
  • Entry, Patio, Lift and Slide.

European Passive House Windows


The U-PVC series is reinforced with galvanized steel to increase structural support and increase the frame’s energy performance. It combines Stabilizer and Titanium Dioxide to protect the window from harsh weather conditions including pollution and UV rays. The U-PVC windows are able to withstand temperatures up to 180 ℉.

This series of window employs a corner welding process in order to ensure that the frame is welded into a single structure. This method restricts the flow of water through the welded joint. In addition, all windows have triple seals of EPDM rubber gaskets are placed around the sash and the frame to efficiently seal the gap.

These windows are equipped with multi-point locking hardware systems, which ensures efficiency and safety. It also allows the windows to be securely closed and tight, thus reducing any noise disturbance.

The U-PVC windows are manufactured from recyclable, environmentally friendly materials that produce minimal pollutants.

• Full Window Product Brochure

• UPVC Window Brochure

• E.1.1 Window Operability

• E.1.2 Glazing Options

• E.1.3 Handle Options

• E.2.1 – Section Drawings

• E.2.2 – Window Design Manual

• E.2.3 – Egress

• E.2.4 -Flange and Bracket

• E.2.5 – Mull – KP3

• E.2.6 – Mull – KP840

• E.2.7 – Mull – KP13/14

• E.2.8 – Mull – KP14/14

• E.2.9 – Mull – Corner

• E.2.10a – with KP12

• E.2.10b – with KP12 and Flange

• E.2.11 – Window Flange Options

• E.3.1 detail with SIP

• E.3.2 detail with vertical I joist

• E.3.3 wall detail with foam on the exterior

• E.3.4 Double Stud Mid-Wall Install

• E.4.1 UPVC Windows Warranty

• E.4.2 Pressure and Infiltration Ratings

• E.4.3 Glazing Options

• E.4.4 Guardian Glass Technical Info

• E.4.5 ClimaGuard nrG Certified PH Component

• E.4.6 Guardian Laminated Glass


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